What we do

We are dedicated to providing our users with access to secure and modern communications services, helping those who need or value privacy and security.

We strongly believe mass blanket surveillance simply cannot continue, our service have been designed from the ground up with Confidentially, Privacy and Security in mind.

We aim to leverage the latest advances in software development and cryptologic methods to create software and provide services engineered with the primary focus on security and privacy for our users.

We're a small dedicated team focussing on security allowing you to be social.


Instant Messenger with intuitive interface design and modern features you've come to expect, including some you haven't, including;

Access Phrase   
Modern Encryption   
Forward Secrecy   
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Simple, modern & fast web-based email client with a host of easy to use features and security options;

   Transport Security
   Open PGP
   Modern Design
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Why we do

In todays increasingly interconnected world,government and corporations are conducting mass surveillance of our lives, where we go, who we associate with, what we discuss online... all being stored indefinitely in massive storage systems housed in anonymous buildings not just up and down the country but around the world.

Over the years some governments and may of the worlds leading technology companies have actively engineered weakness or "Backdoors" into their systems.

Revelation after revelation have appeared where these security vulnerabilities and backdoors have been exploited, not to protect the innocent or avert disaster, but for oppressive regimes to spy on so called dissidents or exploited by hackers for personal economic gains!